Sunday, January 22, 2012

Feed Sack Tote Bags

I recently added some Feed Sack Tote Bags to my etsy store! The Tote bags are made out of recycled feed sacks, sewn with a zigzag stitched with triple reinforced handles. I recently used the totes for Christmas gift sacks, have been carrying my scrapbooking supplies in one sack and am using one tote for organizing paper work and farm records in my truck.

We generally have four different types of feed sacks on hand and each one is purchased for different animals. I named the sacks after each of the animals on our  farm.Moe is my older horse, who we feed the Nutrena Life Design Senior Horse Feed.

 Banjo and the donkeys have been getting a 12 % Sweet Feed.
 While Trudy has been getting some Safe Choice Horse Feed recently.
PeneloPe likes her Producers Pride All-Stock Sweet Feed.

These reusuable bags would be great to use for carrying groceries, farm supplies or even your flea market finds. The sacks fold up small for easy storage in your vehicle, so you always have a green shopping bag when you need it.


  1. I really like them. Perhaps when I ever get any money I can buy one.

    I love your animals!

  2. You are such a clever young lady! LOVE this post with your animals.

    Have a great day!



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