Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Repurposed Feed Sacks

Here is the scene:
 we buy feed for our animals each and every week,
 we were under a burn ban for months,
 feed sacks accumulate,
 husband looks for cool ideas to repurpose feed sacks,
 he sends me an email for feed sack tote bags,
 I get out the sissors and sewing machine and make repurposed bags!
Now enter in its Christmas,
its actually started raining regularly again,
 we have mud,
 my coworker has horses to feed,
says she keeps getting her good boots muddy,
I found cute boots for her.

Recycled feed sack turned tote bag turned gift sack!

Every horse person needs a tote bag to carry brushes or tack in, so she will have a carry all bag to go with her new boots. I think she will like it!

 While I was sewing, I made bags out of the four styles of feed sacks we have on hand right now. I love all the scenes that are printed on the sacks.
 I washed the inside of the sacks, hemmed the woven feed sacks, and added ribbon handles. When the feed companies changed from paper to a more plastic style feed sack, I was upset, but now I like the idea of being able to recycle and reuse the bags!
I think I will use these for my green grocery sacks and might make me one to carry as a unique purse!


  1. Those tote are just cuteness! What a nice way to use the feedsacks!

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  3. Another great creation there! You might want to contact the feed companies and see if you can work up a promotional deal with them, LOL!

  4. Another great Idea Janice!!

  5. My smart, clever friend: you are FABULOUS!!! Love these and the boots. Your co-worker is going to be so happy! :)

  6. You should get a booth at Canton and sell them for big bucks! Canton is this next weekend, you know! I'll probably be going so I'll look for you!

  7. Great idea, both rustic & useful!
    I really enjoy your blog - I write about Radical Homemaking at http://patchworkradicals.weebly.com - check it out if you like!

    Take care, love the blog.

  8. What kind of thread/sewing notions did you use if you do not mind me asking? I adore this idea! Thank you!


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