Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No worries

This is our black cat Annie…she has no worries other than "when are you going to feed me"? At that point she is quite vocal!

I bottle fed (orphan) Annie from a week old…yes they make kitty formula and bottles! She even went to work with me for several weeks in a clothes basket! I couldn't leave her at home for ten hours without a bottle!

Annie finds all kinds of different places to sleep at. Looks like today's chosen place is the back of the couch. Sometimes it's the commode seat, others the clothes hamper, maybe the bed, on top of my important projects or on the sewing machine or washing machine. We've had her eight years and she comes up with new places to sleep frequently!

It would be nice to be a cat with no worries except where to sleep at this time or when is supper!

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  1. Cats are great! Annie reminds me of our cat, Maxine. When she was younger, somehow she would leap on top of the bathroom cabinet over the commode. I have no idea how she got up that high. She lived to be 18-19 years old. She is in kitty heaven.


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